Sharing Space: The Importance of In-Progress Work

Creativity is nourished in the company of others. What if we as dancers could gather to share our intimate process of creating choreography?

By Donnay Edmund

How many of us as artists, dancers, and choreographers question if our work is “ready” to be shared? In a society that values the end-product, we sometimes lose touch with the vibrant and enlightening process of creating work and all too often think it must be in a sculpted place to share. However, when we share works in progress we create an opportunity to receive feedback and a chance to explore new ideas. We get reflections we hoped for and some we didn’t expect. We learn to experience our own work with more dimensions and we silence the voices of doubt and move past our own fears.

If you are interested in sharing your work the Mark Morris Dance Group offers SharedSpace, a unique event for dancers and audience members. SharedSpace provides an opportunity for choreographers of all genres to present a work in progress at an informal showing. The event is open to the public and followed by feedback and conversation guided by an established artist in the field. It is not a performance but rather a collective of people who are there to support your creative process and was created with the belief that everyone is welcome. 

Sharing work helps you evolve as a choreographer. For contemporary hip-hop artist, Kareem Woods, presenting his in-progress work at SharedSpace empowered him. “I have become more confident in my choreography and I am better at following my original impulse and just getting ideas out and going back later, instead of critiquing and not getting anywhere.” The gift of sharing encourages confidence and relinquishes the critic that lives within us.

Applicants of all genres and abilities are encouraged to apply. Once chosen, participants have access to the Dance Center’s Subsidized Rehearsal Rental Rates and can rent space at $10/hour. Find out more about SharedSpace and become a choreographer or support those showing work and enjoy a night of performances, conversation, and complimentary wine.

Donnay Edmund is a choreographer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY and part of the 2017-18 Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellowship.

Photos by: Beowulf Sheehan


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