6 Things to Look for When Choosing a Summer Dance Camp

Photo by Florianne Jalac

Some tips from Mark Morris Dance Group

As summertime approaches and school is about to let out, we're sure you've begun looking for the perfect summer dance camp. With so many options, it's hard to decide what the best choice is for you and your child. Here are a few key things to look for when picking the right summer dance camp:

1. Knowledgeable, experienced instructors. In dance, every lesson counts.
When it comes to dance camps, the most important aspect to consider is the quality of instruction that your child will be receiving. Instructors should be professional, understanding, and ready to have fun.

2. Inviting environment. A comfortable environment fosters a creative mind.
Studios should be clean, staff should be friendly and full of energy, and your child should feel comfortable. When these aspects come together, a more creative environment is born.

3. Experience Level. Know what your student can do.
Make sure your child will get the attention they need depending on their skill level. The more individualized the program the better. Look for camps that group by age, skill level, or grade.

4. Easy Accessibility. Because your needs are important too.
Location is important when choosing a camp. It should be easy for you to get there.

5. Affordability. Get the best for your budget.
Look for camps that offer different prices depending on the length and time of the program. That way your child can still have fun but it won't break the bank.

6. Multiple Styles. Because not every student is the same.
Will your child just be learning ballet? Is there jazz? Unless they're looking to specialize in a particular style, the more genres and activities a camp offers, the more likely they will enjoy it and the more well-rounded dance knowledge they will have.

The School at the Mark Morris Dance Center offers these and so much more... all with live music at affordable rates. Learn more about the offerings for teens of all experience levels.


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